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3D printable Prosthetics

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"One of the biggest obstacles is the attitude that accessibility is charity. 'Oh, I’ll deal with it later because we don’t have time.' Disability tech is an investment in you. All of our bodies change," Heben Girma

About One Monk Clapping

The projects of Jacquin Buchanan
Jacquin is a fountain of ideas and projects, which often ensnare and inspire those around him.

I spend a lot of my time working with the e-Nable community, developing designs for prosthetics that can be 3D printed and used all over the world.

I love sharing ideas on the Google+ group and seeing pictures of recipients smiling wearing one of my designs.

I still make robots. I hope to have kits available soon for so some 3D printable walking robots, both bipeds and quadrupeds.

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