Natural Tots Scenery

Vibrant photographs of wonderful landscapes and natural scenery are revealed when your baby touches the screen of your iPad or iPhone. Your baby or toddler is drawn to the exciting reveal effects, which include sparkly stars, rippling water, autumn leaves and twining flowers. Relaxing music gives Natural Tots Scenery a soothing quality.

★ Encourage language learning ★

✓ After each beautiful image is revealed a simple phrase about that landscape is spoken. This helps basic language skills while learning a fun fact about the natural world around us.

★ Entertainment that is soothing ★

✓ The images, music, and One Monk Clapping returns you to Nature, soothing and enriching, thru the digital world. Providing supportive, educational media for your child.

✓ High resolution images specifically support landscape and portrait screen.

✓ Reveal effects behave in a natural way no matter what orientation your child holds the screen.

★ Improve your child’s early stages of development ★

In early childhood development the infant progresses from knowing his or her world only through immediate sensorimotor experiences to being able to “experiment” on that world mentally, through the use of mental combinations and an understanding of object permanence.

✓ The reveal effects help hand eye coordination.

✓ Allows your child to see the cause and effect of their actions in the world around them.

✓ Learning stays fun and interesting with more than 18 different pictures and music tracks.

★ Parental controls ★

✓ A small press and hold button means settings are easy for a parent to access but not baby.

✓ Independent volume controls for music, sound effects, and voice.

✓ Choose all four reveal effects or repeat baby’s favorite only.