Kwawu Arm


This design can be downloaded from Thingiverse here.

This arm was designed for Kwawu John Mensah through e-NABLE Ghana. This is a remix of Christian Silva’s Flexi Arm 2. This is Christian’s wrist and arm design, with Steve Wood’s Flexi Hand fingers. I have gone back to the fingers of FlexyHand 2. I think they are easier for most people to print and still have a very natural look. The fully enclosed fingers from Steve Wood’s Flexy-Hand – Filaflex Remix will also work.

I have made many adjustments to make it easier to build and print. The biggest changes I have made are to include the whipple tree inside the palm, and to include and adjustable cam in the elbow. The cam is reposition-able into four positions determined by four notches. To change the rate of closure of the fingers the user just slides the cam out a little to release it from the notch and rotates it to the next position. I have redesigned this arm to have two string bowden channels one to each side of the elbow. So the thumb is one one side of the elbow and the fingers are on the other side. By adjusting the closure rate of the thumb and fingers separately, the wearer can achieve various grip types.

This is modeled as an adult size. So the proportions are more for an adult then the original FlexiArm2.

This version does not have the forearm cover that the Flexy Arm 2 has. Kwawu did not want a cover. If others would like a version with the cover, please leave me comments I will add a variation with the cover.