April 25, 2018


Professional Life

In 1991, Jacquin was a founder of in-sync, the digital video editing software company which made Speed Razor one of the original nonlinear digital video editors.

He has enjoyed directing software development with Voxtec International Inc. We built the first handheld speech to speech natural language translator, the Phraselator. Then went on to improve it. The SQ.410 is as close to a handheld universal translator as anyone has gotten.

Why the name “One Monk Clapping”

Jacquin is a monk with Xá Lợi Temple in Frederick Maryland, since 2003.  His religious name  is Hành Sư, Thích Bảo Minh Thế. He is a founder of this temple with his teacher Trụ Trì Chùa Xá Lợi / Zen Master, Thích Bảo Thành. This temple is my second home.

Xá Lợi Temple – Website Xá Lợi Temple – Facebook page


Jacquin Buchanan is a fountain of ideas and projects, which often ensnare and inspire those around him. He is a First Robotics team coach, and his most recent team, the Legotastic Go Robots, enjoyed an inspiring romp with legos and engineering. He built an entire outdoor playset from natural tree trunks.

He relocated recently to Fort Collins, Colorado, where he lives, loves, and chants with his artist wife and his talkative son.