Zadie’s Arm

Through Enable Web Central we found Zadie in Kansas City. Zadie’s mom was very helpful in providing sizing information, Zadie was excited to pick colors and design ideas. We contacted Kansas City Science City so they could scan Zadie’s residual arm for our test-fitting. Together with Bruce Kronberg and John Skogen we made an arm
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Kwawu Arm

  This design can be downloaded from Thingiverse here. This arm was designed for Kwawu John Mensah through e-NABLE Ghana. This is a remix of Christian Silva’s Flexi Arm 2. This is Christian’s wrist and arm design, with Steve Wood’s Flexi Hand fingers. I have gone back to the fingers of FlexyHand 2. I think
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Biped Walker Vs. Crab Robot

My first biped walker vs my son’s HEXBUG Battle Tarantula. As you can see the biped is not that great at balancing on uneven wood. But that it is able to do it at all was impressive given this was my first true balancing biped robot.

First Steps

This video is the first steps of my first real Biped robot. This robot contains a basic PID type balance algorithm given feedback from a six degrees motion sensor.     Here are some pictures of what it first looked like. Nice idea with the springs. But that just took an already Underactuated system and
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